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Sarasota Real Estate Blog

Sarasota is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. A city known for its culture, Sarasota truly has something for everyone. One of the unique features of the city is its population. Sarasota hosts residents of all kinds: Florida natives, those who have relocated full-time, Snowbirds, and vacationers. It has some of the best beaches in the country and a climate that makes outdoor activities possible year round. 

Below are popular options for things to do in and around Sarasota. Whether you are moving here for good or just visiting, there is no reason to be bored while you are here.

1.  Soak up the Sun – Sarasota is surrounded by beaches, and some of the best in the country. Siesta Key is a popular beach, for a more quiet time try Anna Maria Island where

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Sarasota real estate trendsOverall Sarasota real estate wound up being the second highest year for unit sales in 2013. It had 11,184 closed sales which was exceeded in 2004 with 11,482 closed sales. A record for 2014 could be set if December has a strong end of month for closing.

Sarasota real estate for 2014 has been on a near-record pace with 10,621 closed sales which is 364 more than 2013 at this time. With the December 2014 sales past 500 by mid-month it is expected the annual total for 2014 will be the second highest, topping 2013 closed sales in the county.

While set for a possible record for second highest sales year, the November figures dropped belong 800 in Sarasota County for the first time in eight months. This was after topping sales of 1,000 per month for five

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Tips For Baby Boomers In The Sarasota Real Estate MarketMany Baby Boomers are finding themselves at a point in their lives when they are ready to move into a new home. Perhaps they are looking for a smaller home that is easier to care for, or they may want to move to another area for retirement. Whatever the reason for the upcoming move, Baby Boomers need to take a fresh look at how homes are bought and sold.

In many cases, Baby Boomers have lived in the same home for over 20 years. Things have drastically changed in how homes are bought and sold since the last time they went home shopping. Understanding these new techniques and what they should expect when looking for a home will make their next home purchase a much easier transaction.


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In the past, home buying

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Sarasota investment propertiesMost people who buy a second home are trying to leave a ‘starter home’ situation. They now can afford a more desirable neighborhood, a newer home, or one with more space and amenities. However, some people who want to buy an upgraded home may wonder if selling their existing home is really necessary. Can’t people keep their existing home as a rental while buying a new residence?

There are several good reasons to keep an existing home as a rental when buying a new house. It takes a long time to build equity in a home and maintain it; many home owners understandably are reluctant to give that up. It makes sense to keep your old home as an investment and continue building equity in it — but only if you can afford this. Can you afford to buy a new home and…
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Sarasota Real Estate ReportOctober was another strong month for real estate sales in Sarasota, and the county remains on course to set a record for annual sales. Total sales topped the crucial 1,000 mark for the fifth time in the past eight months. The grand total for the month came to 1,011 closed sales. Of these, 288 properties were condos and 723 were single family residences. This is an 8.2 percent rise over the 934 homes sold in September and a full 23.3 percent higher than the 820 sales in October of last year.

Sarasota County may finally break the record it set in 2004 when 11,482 single family homes and condos were sold throughout the county. Total sales for 2014 already total 9,795, putting the goal well within reach. In fact, realtors in the county only need to sell

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In July 2014, for the fifth consecutive month, Sarasota real estate sales reached close to the 1,000 mark with 928 closed transactions. Only once in the entire county's history has a five-month streak that hit the 1,000 mark been accomplished. This occurred between March and July 2004. June 2005 and July 2014 were the closest, falling just short of that level.

According to the Sarasota Association of Realtors, there were 643 single-family homes and 285 condos that were sold in July 2014. The number of closings decreased from 11.4% from June 2014, which hit a total of 1,048 sales. Also, July 2014 was down around 4% from the previous year which had 969 closings.

The first seven months of the 2014 fiscal year had a near-record sales pace, ahead of the

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Tips for buying a home to invest as a rental home

If you are interested in investing in real estate as rental property investing, there are a few things you should consider before you make the decision to become a landlord. Although the hype that rental property investing is receiving on television makes becoming a rental property owner sound very appealing, it isn't all about some magical get-rich-quick scheme. There is a lot of hard work and determination involved in order to make this investment lucrative.

What to Consider

Seasoned property owners will likely admit that there can be a number of factors potential real estate investors should consider before purchasing a rental property. Investigating the location of the property in question, the property history, and the property condition is most

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tips to sell your home in a buyers market

Selling a home your home in a buyers' market, where the number of homes exceeds the number of buyers, can be quite difficult. You will really have to work hard to get your home sold. A potential buyer is looking for value. Their goal is to get the best home for their money. As a result of this, a potential buyer can be selective and refuse to settle. In order to attract buyers, you will have to make sure that your home is in great condition. You should also price your home right.

Additionally, you should see your house as a product and find out more about your competition. Make sure that your home stands out from the competitors, either in how it is priced or delivered to the marketplace.

Know The Competition

It is essential for you to know your

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Sarasota real estate market, Sarasota home sales

2014 is shaping up to be a record-breaking one for property sales in the Sarasota area, and demonstrates a continued rebound as more people want to relocate to Southwest Florida, and continue to do so. The news is terrific!

With the release of sales statistics for June 2014, a pattern of continued strong sales topping 1,000 for four months in a row shows no sign of weakening. June's closings, at 1,048 total, bettered the 997 closings from June of 2013, and fell just shy of May 2014's number of 1,100. June 2014's closings included 321 condominiums and 727 single-family homes in Sarasota.

2013's sales were likewise very strong, coming in with the second-highest rates in 91 years. The first half of 2014 shows that this year is stronger than 2013, and is

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Real Estate investing Sarasota

The bottom may have fell out of the real estate market in 2008, but it opened the door wide open for Sarasota real estate investors interested in seeing a profitable return on their investment. Today, housing prices are still staggeringly low, creating innumerable opportunities for savvy investors. If you are looking to allocate some of your investment capital into real estate, you will notice that there are many routes that you can take. Since every type of real estate investment has its own inherent risks and benefits, you should have a solid understanding on each before writing the check. Let’s examine the benefits and risks of a few of the most popular types of real estate investment so you can choose the best route for your individual goals.

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