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December 2014

Found 3 blog entries for December 2014.

Sarasota real estate trendsOverall Sarasota real estate wound up being the second highest year for unit sales in 2013. It had 11,184 closed sales which was exceeded in 2004 with 11,482 closed sales. A record for 2014 could be set if December has a strong end of month for closing.

Sarasota real estate for 2014 has been on a near-record pace with 10,621 closed sales which is 364 more than 2013 at this time. With the December 2014 sales past 500 by mid-month it is expected the annual total for 2014 will be the second highest, topping 2013 closed sales in the county.

While set for a possible record for second highest sales year, the November figures dropped belong 800 in Sarasota County for the first time in eight months. This was after topping sales of 1,000 per month for five

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Tips For Baby Boomers In The Sarasota Real Estate MarketMany Baby Boomers are finding themselves at a point in their lives when they are ready to move into a new home. Perhaps they are looking for a smaller home that is easier to care for, or they may want to move to another area for retirement. Whatever the reason for the upcoming move, Baby Boomers need to take a fresh look at how homes are bought and sold.

In many cases, Baby Boomers have lived in the same home for over 20 years. Things have drastically changed in how homes are bought and sold since the last time they went home shopping. Understanding these new techniques and what they should expect when looking for a home will make their next home purchase a much easier transaction.


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In the past, home buying

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Sarasota investment propertiesMost people who buy a second home are trying to leave a ‘starter home’ situation. They now can afford a more desirable neighborhood, a newer home, or one with more space and amenities. However, some people who want to buy an upgraded home may wonder if selling their existing home is really necessary. Can’t people keep their existing home as a rental while buying a new residence?

There are several good reasons to keep an existing home as a rental when buying a new house. It takes a long time to build equity in a home and maintain it; many home owners understandably are reluctant to give that up. It makes sense to keep your old home as an investment and continue building equity in it — but only if you can afford this. Can you afford to buy a new home and…
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