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June 2014

Found 4 blog entries for June 2014.

Understanding why short sales take so long Sarasota Florida

As the mortgage crisis deepened, many properties came onto the real estate market using the "short sale" process. This allowed the homeowners to sell the property at a reduced price and pay off some portion of the remaining amount on the mortgage. However, many people who engaged in purchasing homes via a short sale found that the process took much longer than a conventional purchase would. A look at the details of the process shows why this is the case.

Understanding the Short Sale

A short sale occurs on a property when the owners can no longer pay the mortgage. Instead of foreclosing on the loan, leaving the bank holding both the unpaid amount of the mortgage, and the property itself, an arrangement is made to allow another buyer to have the

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Helping your home sell faster

Choosing to sell your home is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Whether you are selling your starter home and moving up, or selling your dream home to downsize, how quickly you sell your home depends on several variables. Consider the tips below when you list your home, and you may be packing boxes sooner than you think.

The Right Price

The first and perhaps most important aspect of selling your home is to price it right. Conduct your own research to find out how much comparable homes cost and have sold for in your neighborhood. These homes are called 'comps', and they will provide the best guidelines for pricing. When you consider the comps, try to think from the perspective of the buyer, not from your own possibly emotional perspective.

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Buying a home is a momentous decision - and may be an incredible challenge. In many areas, real estate is in what is considered a sellers' market. This means that properties are selling quickly, and sellers are, in many cases, fielding multiple offers on their home. This means they can afford to price their homes higher and wait for a buyer who is willing to pay that price. Unfortunately this means buyers need to be aggressive and prepared. Here are some tips to help you navigate a sellers' market so you can land the home of your dreams.

Look in All the Right Places

Once upon a time, buyers would flip through the newspaper or rely on well-connected real estate agents to find the right home. But today, there are lots of other options. Real estate

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Real Estate investing Sarasota

When investors purchase real estate, they usually expect their investment to net them considerable returns in the future. Buying a home has always been viewed as a solid investment, but the money doesn't come just from increasing real estate values. When you buy property, you make money through appreciation, cash flows, tax benefits and mortgage principal pay downs.

Real estate is a good investment, but there aren't any guarantees that you'll make money on it. If you do the proper research and analysis, you make it much more likely that you'll buy a property that will bring you large returns in the future. You lower your financial risk when you take the following factors into consideration:

Value Appreciation - A couple of years ago, people made tons

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