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March 2014

Found 8 blog entries for March 2014.

Few things are as frustrating as an unexpected credit score drop when you are working so hard to achieve your home-buying dream. Fortunately, while many factors can negatively affect your credit score, most are easily remedied and your credit score can begin its upward momentum once again.

Late Payments

Credit accounts report late payments to credit bureaus, so late payments on any of your loans or credit cards will be reflected in your credit score. Paying even the minimum payment on time will help prevent negative marks from late payments. In the case of loans, if you cannot make the full payment, talk to the lender to see if you can make a smaller payment rather than paying late. Most are understanding of life’s circumstances and are willing to

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Transaction costs are a fact of life in the real estate world. You cannot buy or sell a home in Sarasota without associated costs, from underwriting fees to appraisal charges. When you sell your property, you may concentrate on the equity value alone, rather than the costs that are eating away at your equity. By looking at the entire transaction process amounts, selling your home should be a careful consideration of all costs.

The 5% Myth

Real estate professionals, from the agent to the lender, typically quote the 5% to 6% transaction fee amount to each seller. However, this vague quote has underlying issues. In reality, the REALTOR® takes in a full 5% to 6% for their commission alone. This percentage doesn't take into consideration any of the other

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Sale Pending homes for sale

What does 'Sale Pending' Mean and Should I Still Make An Offer?

Sometimes, when you are house hunting, you discover the perfect home only to be dismayed when you find out there is a sale pending on the home. Hope is not always lost, and in some cases you can still get a contract on the home of your dreams.

Meaning of 'Sale Pending'?

A house with a pending sale basically means that there is a contract to buy that property and it is close to settlement. However,there are still things which may go wrong and cause the cancellation of the contract, such as the buyers changing their minds,job loss of the mortgagee, rejection of a mortgage loan and contract contingencies which fall through.

What Are the Reasons a House Sale Falls Through?

The most

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Making send of appraisal report

How the Appraisal Report Affects Sarasota Home Owners

The appraisal plays an important role in almost every mortgage in Sarasota. While some loans will allow property inspection waivers, or PIWs, in lieu of an appraisal, most lenders will want to establish some idea of what the property is worth prior to lending. Since the home is the only thing the lender has to secure the loan, a low appraised value can cause some major issues for borrowers hoping to buy or refinance their dream home. By law, most loan types require the lender to provide a copy of the appraisal to the borrower. Upon first glance, the appraisal can come across as very confusing and tough to understand for someone who has never seen one before. This simple guide will help walk you

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Negotiate repairs after home inspection

How to Negotiate for Those Costly Repairs - After a Home Inspection

When looking to buy a new home, there are many reports that will be ordered to ensure you are making a wise investment. This will include an appraisal, which will confirm the value of the home and a title report to ensure there are no additional liens on the property. Another very important report that is frequently ordered is a property condition and inspection report.

When you receive a property condition and inspection report, a licensed home inspector will carefully go through the home to ensure it is in good condition. The inspector will then provide you with a detailed report of everything in the home that is not in top condition, including items that absolutely need to be

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getting ready to move

When making a big move, prepare wisely! The last thing you need is something that delays the process or cause problems own the road. Of course, since most of us are not seasoned professional movers, consider following a basic guideline on how to prepare for a move. Here are eight tips to prepare for the big move.

1. De-clutter the house! Before doing anything, go room by room and remove any clutter. This is a wise step to take as it will save time and money during the move. While taking this step, make three piles-one for donations, one for sale, and one to throw away. Remember, with this proactive approach, the subsequent steps will go smoothly.

2. Think about getting a storage unit! Now, thrifty people might hate paying for a storage unit, but

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Landscaping a Huge Factor

Sarasota homes for sale

Florida's gulf coast is one of the loveliest areas in Florida. People come here to retire, look for jobs and enjoy the area's many regional amenities. Homeowners who live in the Sarasota, Florida region know they must keep their homes in good condition for many reasons. One of the keys to keeping any home's curb appeal is the use of excellent landscaping. Landscaping should blend in well with the surrounding area and use native plants wherever possible.

When landscaping is not given proper attention, problems may come up. A friend of mine who runs a business that specializes in providing landscaping services for homeowners was kind enough to speak with me about the importance of curb appeal and some of the best ways to get

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Things to Know About Getting Approved for a Mortgage

One of the biggest investments most Americans ever make is buying a home. For most, this is a lifetime responsibility, so acquiring the perfect mortgage can be a nerve-wracking event. To make matters worse, finding useful tips on how to secure a mortgage can be hard. Below are a few tips and things that you need to know about securing a mortgage.

Status of Employment

One of the first things that your lender will want to know about you is the status of your employment. For the most part, lenders want to know how reliable your job is and if you will be able to afford your monthly mortgage payment. They will want to know how long you have been at your current job, if you have multiple sources of

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