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February 2014

Found 6 blog entries for February 2014.

Real estate trends in 2014 and beyond

How to Approach Real Estate in 2014 & Beyond

With the financial crisis that struck in 2008 effectively driving the housing market into the ground, the real estate market has been the top story on the news for several years. At first, the housing implosion left homeowners underwater, forcing them to abandon their investments and creating empty homes ripe for crime and robberies. As the nation slowly rose out of the Great Recession, more people were finding jobs and reestablishing credit. The housing market responded in 2013 with homes that almost anyone could buy with interest rates that were historically low. As 2014 comes bounding in, the real estate market is not as exciting. Interest rates are rising, and buyers are more wary about paying higher

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Sarasota Market Heating Up

Sarasota real estate, Sarasota homes, Sarasota real estate market

As 2014 gets underway, the Sarasota County real estate market is heating up. The number of new listings throughout the county soared in January, rising 10.6% from the previous month. The total housing inventory rose to its highest level in 32 months, providing yet another sign the market is experiencing a robust recovery. During a recovering market, the total real estate inventory, including new listings, typically rises as sellers look to take advantage of increasing property values. However, this usually only occurs after a rebound in the housing market. In Sarasota County, inventory levels have jumped significantly in only six months, rising by an impressive 30% since the recent low recorded in July 2013.

Sarasota Home

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2014 financial trends

Financial Trends for 2014: What’s In and What’s Out

Just which financial and lifestyle trends will gain favor in 2014? And which ones will diminish in importance? Let's discuss what might be "in" for 2014, versus what might fall into disfavor.

Smaller Lenders vs. Big Banks

In 2014, smaller mortgage lenders will continue to gain traction at the expense of the bigger banks. The smaller lenders already enjoy about 60 percent of the market, and that percentage is likely to advance further this year. Big banks, in many instances, are continuing a policy of retrenchment vis-a-vis residential mortgage lending. At the same time, a variety of other players, are increasingly competing for business. The end result for consumers could very well be enhanced

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Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions in anyone’s life. Perhaps you are getting ready to start a family. Perhaps you are upgrading from your first home. Or perhaps you just want to make an investment. Whatever circumstances surround your purchase of a property, there are crucial steps to be followed to ensure you get the place that that suits your style, budget, and needs. Making certain that you do everything correctly can make the whole process much less of a hassle. Have a look at the seven steps to buying a home:

1. Figure out your finances

This is a vital first step. You must determine how much house you can afford. Get an idea of what kind of down payment you can make. Keep in mind that it is highly advised to pay 20

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Do Your Know Your Stuff? Put You Financial Knowledge to the Test

Finances are tricky, and it's easy to think you know more than you do. Plenty of financial blogs and articles available contain false information or incorrect opinions presented as fact. Test your knowledge -- and your ability to weed out poor information -- with these true/false questions:

True or False: It's more expensive to rent a home than it is to buy one.

Answer: True. Right now, market trends show high demand and low supply for rental properties. Contrast this with the higher supply and lower demand for homes, and you can see how the prices may compare. If you're renting, negotiate with your landlord for cheaper prices. Good credit, a solid job and a consistent payment history

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Home Owner Associations - What You Need to Know

 “We have never lived in a neighborhood that has a Homeowner’s Association. What are some things we need to be aware of as we are considering buying a home that has one?”

This is a great question that sometimes gets overlooked in the home buying process. The most important step for buyers when considering purchasing a home that is in an HOA, is reviewing the Association documents and by-laws. It is vital to know what the rules and regulations, deed restrictions, and covenants are in the community. They can vary from what color your house can be to what size pets you can have.

A major item that comes up all the time is in regards to vehicles. Most HOAs do not allow commercial vehicles to be kept at

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